Mobile Suit Gundam Reta: Prologue

In the year 284 LC (Lunar Concordance) Valorum Tagar, High Chancellor of the Lunar Republic is assassinated on the order of Tenabrae Karn, supreme ruler of the Eternal Empire of the Shadow (EES). The long simmering political tensions erupt into open war that engulfs the entire solar system. Refugees are forced to return the planet their ancestors were forced to abandon many centuries ago, Earth. Five years on and the Lunar Republic stands on the precipice of defeat.

Desperate, the young Chancellor Danella Tagar authorizes a daring mission: Operation Prodigal. An elite team of pilots will infiltrate the EES and steal the advanced Dark prototype. Success could turn the tide of the war where as failure will doom them to certain defeat…

Meanwhile, the infamous pirates, mercenaries, terrorists extraordinaire known as the Marauders steal 6 prototypes from the Olympia-Anu Comglomerate (OAC). AWOL soldier Eddie Badger manages to abscond with one of the units and heads to Earth…

Will Operation Prodigal save the Republic? Can Eddie stay one step ahead of the Marauders.

Follow to find out! Next week on MSG Reta: Hail Mary…

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