MSG Reta Preface: Making an Effort at Creation from Inspiration

To anyone who knows me it is not a surprise to hear that anime has had a tremendous influence over me. Like many of the geekier kids of late 90s and early 2000s, Toonami and Adult Swim would be gateways to a whole new world of storytelling and entertainment. Anime was like nothing western children had ever seen before. The long form narratives, high intensity action, grand stakes, and foreign aesthetic captivated us. Shows like Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, and Gundam Wing became integral fixtures within our own nerd culture and garnered the lifelong adoration of fans across the world. The latter of which affected me the most.

More than introducing my pre-teen brain to the notion of giant robots fighting in outer space, Gundam Wing was my first cognizant introduction to political subtext in entertainment. Yes the giant fighting robots were cool but the notion of them fighting for some greater, tangible purpose enthralled me…even if I didn’t understand any of it at the time. As I look back on it I now realize that many of the precepts for my anti-war political leanings are rooted in my experience watching Gundam. My pre-teen brain may not of understood it but my heart knew that truth, that peace is worth fighting for, was a foundational truth for my life.

Fittingly, the Gundam franchise is a well I regularly draw from. I am copiously familiar with the many sub-franchises and timelines, the characters often serve as the exemplar archetypes within my conception, and the stories will stick with me forever.

For a long time Gundam has been a primary inspiration for me. Now that my writing skills have matured I feel it is time to make use of that inspiration and knowledge. I have planned and now shall write a Gundam series of my own design. Why?

To see if I can.

The following is a fan’s original story inspired the series.
and all its associated properties are owned by Bandai, Sunrise, and Yoshiyuki Tomino.
Please support the official property.

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