Mobile Suit Gundam Reta: History and Setting

Post Earth
After the Earth became uninhabitable humanity sought refuge in its orbital colonies throughout the solar system. The longer they lived in space the more humanity adapted to their new environment. A small handful of the population began to develop extrasensory abilities. This portion of the populace would quickly rise to become the new ruling elite. The combination of the failure of Earth’s democracy and the wide spread perception of “Starborn” genetic superiority would advent a new aristocracy and herald the return of the monarchs.

The Lunar Civil War
Peace in the Starborn aristocracy would not last. Tensions between the colonists on the Moon would boil over into out and out civil war between the “light” and “dark” sides of the Moon. After years of bloody conflict the Lunar Concordance was signed, implementing a tenuous cease-fire. Despite the terms of peace being met tensions remained high. In their efforts to subvert one another the Lunar Republic and the Eternal Empire of the Shadow (EES) began cultivating alliances. In this time of fragile peace a new weapon rose to prominence…the Gundam.

These ultra advanced mobile suits can do the work of an entire army with a single unit. Naturally the Gundams eventually replaced the armies. Piloting a Gundam comes with great prestige and phenomenal political power, thus such an honor became reserved for the Starborn aristocracy. The Lunar Republic and EES began developing “light type” and “dark type” units to be piloted exclusively by Starborn. These specialized units greatly enhance and weaponize Starborn abilities.

The Olympia Anu Conglomerate (OAC) is responsible for the development and production of all Gundam units. It sells to both sides of the conflict through its subsidiaries the Athena Group and Ares-El Foundation. OAC pushed for the shift from mass produced units to specialized Gundams due to the profitability of the shift. The research and development costs for each new Gundam is greater than the production of 100,000 mass produced mobile suits. With this profound wealth OAC built the Martian colony into the industrial heart of the solar system, the throne of their corpocracy.

The Moon
Both the Lunar Republic and the EES rule from large orbital colonies on either side of the Moon. There the Starborn nobles live in wealth and privilege. The ornate palatial designs of each spiral upwards with every new generation. Meanwhile the Lunar colonists they claim dominion over live a frontier lifestyle to establish new settlements.

Majestar is the seat of the Lunar Republic. Together the senate, comprised of representatives from the nobility, and a monarchal executive (High Chancellor) rule in concert with one another. The Tagars have maintained their position as High Chancellors since the founding of the republic. Chief among their responsibilities is to serve as Supreme Commander of military forces.

Impericant is the temple/palace of the Emperor. Emperors rule as absolute dictators of the EES with an iron fist and strict military control. Though known to live unnaturally long lives most emperors die young due to the cutthroat internal politics of the Empire. Most of the day to day tasks fall to the ruling council, which is headed by the Lord Hand.

Colonization and Terraforming
The inner rim colonies have historically allied themselves with the Lunar Republic. Earth orbit colony collectives’ primary trade are resources scavenged from Earth. The Venusian colonies primarily harvest carbon from the planet’s atmosphere, which has proven to be a very valuable building material. All attempts to terraform the hellish surface have proven futile.

The Moon itself became the heart of post-Earth humanity for a number of reasons.
1.) proximity
2.) water (used for rocket fuel)
3.) helium3 (for nuclear fusion)
4.) REMs (rare earth metals, essential for electronics)
Terraforming the Moon became the grand unifying goal of the human race. After successfully generating a habitable atmosphere through engineered comet strikes, a subtropical climate came to define the Moon. Due to its synchronous orbit the common perception of the moon not spinning is incorrect. As such “light” and “dark” sides of the moo are little more than colloquial holdovers.

The terraforming of Mars proved much more straightforward if not easier. The weak atmosphere had to be reinforced by a planetary magnetosphere generator. This tremendous task was accomplished by the Anu Corporation (who would later merge with the Olympia Foundation) and paved the way for their dominion over the planet. All who live on Mars are employees of Olympia-Anu from birth to death. Many critics have called the practice corporate slavery.

The Outer Rim
As humanity progressed into the Outer Rim, Saturn’s moon Titan and Jupiter’s moon Europa became the centers of human life and civilization. Neither needed to be terraformed to support sustainable life. Titan is the most earth-like object in the solar system and Europa has a vast ocean underneath its frozen surface. Due to their extreme cold (-250 degrees F) both would seem uninhabitable. Manmade bio domes allow colonization on Titan, where as by definition the unfrozen ocean of Europa has to be warmer than 32 degrees F, thus underwater cities are built. Both support primitive alien life, especially Europa and its vast ecological system beneath the frozen surface of its ocean.

Much like Mars corporate investment paved the road for the development of Titan and Europa, but unlike Mars no single corporate entity was able to gain utter supremacy. This competition allowed for “towns” to form which would mature into governorships. After gathering themselves into a loose federation the Governors of the Outer Rim (GOR) was established. Here in the frozen fringes of the solar system the last remnants of human democracy grows anew. GOR’s primary trade is the hydrogen, helium, and methane they mine from the atmosphere of the gas giants.

The Marauders
Many revolutionaries, rebellions, terrorist cells, and mercenary armies have come and gone in this new age of man…but none more infamous than the Marauders, terrorist for hire. The delight in the work that is too dirty for nation states and corporations to touch. As such they are universally decried in the public whilst being secretly paid by most of the powers that be. They are pirates and war criminals with multiple massacres to their name.

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