Dreams and Distant Places: Prologue

Long have I observed this creation yet not existed in it. Now I am moved by a feral will and it is by its purpose I am set in motion and made real. It is by action that our existence is affirmed. That will is mine and it is a consciousness free of the bondage of the trivialities of life. My odyssey through this creation is of my own volition. That will which moves me is mine own.

This creation…what is it?

“Cogito ergo sum”.

I think therefor I am. It is as I know, dream, wonder, and wish. This creation is the cosmos of my mind. All the worlds, galaxies, and multiverses that hold court in my conception are here. Let me no be longer a quiet and distant observer in their affairs. By odd compulsion I choose now to be an interlude in their affairs.

Now what form shall I take?

Strictly speaking, I am in effect a figment of my imagination and thus am free to be whatever I wish. So what do I wish to be?

By some effort for dramatic effect I can forestall this choice but the conclusion is unquestionably clear. Out of all the creation of my conception I choose me…my idealized self but me none-the-less. Before all else I am me.

That said, I don’t have to be limited to the rules of the reality in which my physical body occupies. In this place that is my mind I am in essence, Eternity. Should I so choose I should be a Mad Titan that holds true omnipotence in his grasp! Alas, there is no sport in such grandiose overture. Being my ideal self I shall take only what is true of me.

To that end I choose to walk the path between light and dark. I choose that of a Grey Galactic Warrior that is attuned to the cosmic weave. In part I shall use that connection to channel the chi of an Ascended Dragon Fighter. There are many levels of power beyond that scope, but first I must earn the right to them. Such are the boons and limitations I give myself.

How now shall I present myself? The answer is clear, a deliberate deviancy of the Galactic Warrior’s orthopraxy: black monk’s attire with a white tunic, accentuated by reds & purples, with a grey robe. The tools I choose are my silver hilted star saber, whose blade shines amethyst, and my rattan tiger bo staff. Through the staff I shall focus my power and through the blade I shall I hone it but both will make great demands of my skill. If I am to be worthy of greater power then I must expect no less.

Now what world shall I visit first? Where shall this odyssey begin?

There are thousands of choices but less than a dozen are held in true contention. Two of which are the multiverses of heroic pantheons. No, too obvious. Besides…*has vision of the colorful, friendly Spider lying dead on the ground with a bullet hole between his eyes as what appears to be a Kohta Hirano drawing in a brown trench coat holds a smoking gun on a cold night in a dark alley*…it would be wise to avoid them.

Do I seek a place to prove and grow my power or do I seek soil fertile for revolution? Is there a world where my knowledge could advance their society several hundred, if not a thousand years? Where can my presence bring enlightenment and freedom?

I know just the world.

This world is a Song that has held sway over the hearts and minds of reality in high drama for several years now. People have rejoiced in their triumph, raged at their defeat, and mourned their deaths. Yes, I shall begin with the Song but WHEN do I interject myself? The earlier I intercede in the saga the better my chances to unite them against their real enemy. Yet that might not be so, for this world is treacherous and uncaring. Let me consider my options:

  1. Quietly assassinate the Mad King and the Usurper, clearing the way for the Bastard to assume the throne in peace. No, he is only half their Messiah. The Queen must have her dragons.
  2. Murder the Cruel King and save the Old Wolf. No, for the same reason as not stopping the Wedding. The Bastard must become what is demanded of him.
  3. Save the little princess from her horrible fate and the Flower Queen. I shall consider it.

This world is well constructed and its balance is maintained by a thousand minute choices. The peril in my intercession is upsetting the necessary chain of events. The imperative is defeating their great enemy and seeing to it that those who would foster positive change survive that conflict. If their world is to grow they must overcome their obstacles themselves. To deny them the chance to oppose a common enemy would doom their future to continued tyranny. For a better world to take root the wheel must be broken, and only the Queen can see it done.

The imperative of my mission is as thus, the King Other must be defeated and the Queen must survive. As stated in 1.), she is but half of their Messiah. To ensure that I do not disturb the assemblage of necessary parts of the mechanism I shall not intercede until the Queen arrives at the Bastard’s castle. While this would essentially forfeit any knowledge future events that I may have, it would also minimize the jeopardy that my presence could have in upsetting necessary turn of events.

The Lioness can live…for now.

So all that is left is the means and details of my arrival…

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