Dreams & Distant Places

This is an experiment…or perhaps more aptly said, a mad ambition. At the time of this writing I am very recently removed from being ill. Sickness is something I very much despise, it confounds my reason and obfuscates my focus, but it can be intriguing. Free from the focus I demand from it my mind was able to wander freely. It took me on an odyssey the likes of which I am for some strange purpose compelled to share. To accommodate this compulsion I hereto issue a challenge to myself. I am to write it in 20,000 words or one weeks’ time, whichever is accomplished first.

Now there is purpose to this preamble beyond pedantic rambling. Though not exactly “stream-of-consciousness story telling”, I would dub this as “recollection-of-consciousness”. As such it is to be expected that this work will not adhere to the standards of novelization nor any other disciplined craft of writing. The format and structure will be in service to the idea being expressed in the moment, Succinctly said, do not expect consistency.

This is an exercise in imagination, not logic. Modes of dialogue will alter to suit the moment they occupy. Chapters will be used as breaks in the narrative and blank slates for initiating new thoughts. The works and characters of many other creators will be used but shall be kept as vague as I can as to avoid any issue of legality. It cannot be stressed enough that I have no knowledge of where this tale will take us. I am relaying the events of the story, not planning them. As such consider the material “mature” and let that be the basis for your discretion.

With all the above redressed, shall we begin?

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